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Dakota MaxRip Program

Photo of Our Shop

Photo of Our Shop

MAX RIP Program

Our MaxRip program takes the guess work out of rip yields. At Dakota Premium Hardwoods, we surface, scan, rip, tally and package lumber on one line, in one operation. This efficiency keeps our costs low and we pass this savings on to you. With MaxRip, you can carry a lower inventory which means you keep your costs down and reduce overhead. Unlike regular lumber, you will know exactly how much inventory you will have for your products.

Another costly process is waste removal. Whether you throw it in the trash or burn it, it costs you money. MaxRip has no ripsaw waste and no cost for removal.

Freight costs are also a big concern. If you purchase random size lumber, you are paying for delivery of lumber you may not use. With MaxRip, you pay freight on only usable product.

For more information about our MaxRip program, contact a sales representative at (254) 772-WOOD (9663).

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